Freshfiber 3D Printed Cases Reviewed

Friday, October 19th, 2012

I recently got my wife and I fancy new cases for our fancy new iPhone 5s. The cases are from Freshfiber, a European based 3D Printing company specializing in portable device cases. They have a myriad of designs for you to choose from for all manner of devices, including (of course) the newest iPhone 5! They even make cases for the iPad (something of which I am seriously thinking of acquiring). You can customize your case by applying a “Name Melt” to it. The letters in your name are then 3D printed (raised up – the opposite of engraving or etching) on the side of the case.

I got myself a white chainmail case (only the best suit of armor for the best phone will do) and my wife got a really cool design – the Macedonia case – for hers, in pink. I had my name melted on mine but neglected the customization on my wife’s (and I think she is jealous).

I have to say I really love these cases. The feel of their material (which is vinyl by the way) is soft, almost like leather but stiffer. They’re not slippery, so no fear of it flying out of your hands. It also has a “grain” to it similar to that of wood. I believe this is due to the 3D printing process and only adds to the look and feel. See for yourself in the photos and videos below.

The Pink Macedonia Case:



The White Chainmail Case:



As far as protection goes, I haven’t tested that but I do imagine they provide moderate protection, especially on the back of the phone because of the 3D designs (view the videos for a better understanding of what I mean here). The front is protected as the edges of the case sides are slightly higher than the face of the phone. The surface of your phone won’t touch whatever you place it on, even if you put it face down (a cardinal sin in my opinion).

Coolness factor? Come on, do I have to spell it out for you? First, not many folks have these (yet) so they are something of a status symbol I suppose. Second, well, just look at those awesome designs! And third, I have one – so it has to be cool. Okay, okay… it must be cool because my wife has one.

In case you don’t have the iPhone 5, but still love their designs, they also carry cases for iPhone 4s, 4, and 3G(s), Samsung Galaxy s III and II, Blackberry, and even the iPod Touch and Nano. I wouldn’t doubt they expand to more devices as they become more popular, and for those with CAD experience, it looks like the ability to design your own case is coming sometime soon!

3 comments on “Freshfiber 3D Printed Cases Reviewed

  1. While the chainmail will protect against blunt force trauma I wonder if the fluid nature of the chainmail will scratch the phone.

  2. Nate says:

    Time will tell, but I don’t think it will. The material is very soft compared to the back of the phone. I will report back on this in a month or so. Good question!

  3. That is great, now your phones are not only protected from scratches but are also stylish. That is a great way to stand out in the crowd yet still have a very nice phone, and protected.


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